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Jackie Brown - reawakened
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Learning I could sing in grade school gave me confidence and pride for the very first time. Singing also gave me the escape I needed from school, shyness and a lack of friends. Every time I sang I felt accomplished.

As I bar-tended my way through school, I was invited up to sing one night with a very popular local rock band. They loved my Janis Joplin rendition and offered me the lead singer position a week later. It was the thrill of a lifetime when we became the opening act for era bands like Marshall Tucker, Grand Funk Railroad and Head East.

After taking a break to start a family, I started playing with the acoustic guitar and singing again. I connected with a friend / keyboard player, and we started doing acoustic shows. Over time it evolved into Jackie Brown and the Boys, an acoustic rock band.

As I gained more confidence playing acoustic, I started writing. I wanted to share the exhilaration I felt in grade school. I wanted everyone to know that feeling. Trying to capture that passion has always been what it's about, whether performing a cover or writing an original.

I've never been partial to any one genre, love them all. But, my favorite songs are the ones that make you feel something. Songs that make you smile, even when you're having a bad day. But what I listened to was much broader in genres than what I performed. With constant requests to play the newer country, I started listening to it more often. For unknown reasons, it opened the flood gates of writing inspiration, it was a reawakening.

My music and writing style focuses on the message and I want that message to be a positive contribution to life. I want my children to hear and learn about the ups and downs of life in a positive light. I don't want them to interpret happiness as being all about money, drug parties and one night stands.

I believe musicians and artists have a responsibility to counter act some of these negative messages with positive action. After all, a good portion of society will only ever know what they are exposed to. I'd rather it be a message that inspires and makes you feel good.

Let me know what you think...
~ jb